Monday, May 16, 2005

Plain Dealer: This Beautiful Girl doesn't miss TV

The Plain Dealer reports today that not having television in her home has been a big plus for Heidi, a 12-year-old Cleveland girl featured in New Moon's "25 Beautiful Girls" issue. "It gives me a lot more time for other things," Heidi told Fran Henry of the Plain Dealer. Heidi and her older sister Hanna, who nominated Heidi for the issue, have been reading New Moon for five years. Founder Nancy Gruver says New Moon helps adolescent girls hold their own against the "impossible demands" imposed on them by our culture.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ophelia Project celebrating TBIO in Tampa Bay

As Ernest Hooper noted at the end of his St. Petersburg Times column, our friends at the Ophelia Project in Tampa Bay are celebrating Turn Beauty Inside Out this Saturday with a walk/run, rally, and health expo. You also can download their flyer on how to stay safe and strong.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Turn Beauty Inside Out Day coming up on May 18, 2005

Since 2001, girls around the country have been celebrating Turn Beauty Inside Out (TBIO) Day on the third Wednesday of May. TBIO was inspired by New Moon's first annual "25 Beautiful Girls" issue, published in May of 2000. Each year, girls and women around the nation develop TBIO Day events in their communities to educate the public about girls and media images. Here in Duluth, Minnesota, the New Moon girls are planning a community celebration for area youth. TBIO Day also is an opportunity for advocacy and personal action. Girls can get a free TBIO Day Action Kit from Mind on the Media that contains ideas and tips for planning and implementing successful TBIO Day activities.