Friday, August 12, 2005

Being 13: "I wasn't alone."

Nicole, 13, from Virginia, on how New Moon helped her at 13:

“I have been getting New Moon for only the past year but reading the magazine has helped me a lot . When I turned 13 I thought that I was going to be, well … powerful. Turning 13 didn’t feel any different than turning 10 or 11, but what I did feel was older, more mature. … I used to bury myself in books to escape reality, but your magazine helped me to open up and see that I wasn’t alone.

“My favorite departments of the magazine are “Dear Luna” and “Draw Luna.” They really take you inside the different girls’ minds. Seeing what they see. Feeling what they feel. New Moon was really a place for me to express myself. It has also helped me to get closer to my mom and now we can talk about everything, and I do mean everything.”

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