Thursday, June 22, 2006

"Dear Luna"...With a Twist!

GEB members participated in the Minnesota Women's Consortium's "Girls Rock the Capitol" event in March 2006.

For 13 years, New Moon® magazine has printed YOUR opinions on everything from the war in Iraq to making new friends in "Dear Luna." For our special January/February 2007 "Letter to Congress" issue, we want you to keep telling us what you think—and we want you to tell world leaders, too!

We’ll fill the January/February 2007 "Dear Luna" section with YOUR "Letters to Congress" instead of letters to Luna. So your letter could look like this:
Dear Congress:
I believe that it’s time to address Global Warming. Global Warming is an important issue because...
OR, you could write letters to specific members of the U.S. Congress, like this:
Dear Senator Dayton:
I’m writing to thank you for voting against the Federal Marriage Amendment. I’m glad you voted against this amendment because...
Feel free to share personal stories, statistics, and conversations you’ve had with friends to back up your ideas. When the issue comes out, girls will be able to read each other’s opinions just like always in "Dear Luna"—except this time, Congress will be listening, too!

Send your Letters to Congress to mailto:girl@newmoon.orgor
New Moon: Letters to Congress
2 W. First St. #101
Duluth, MN 55802
The deadline for these letters is July 19, 2006. Make your voice heard!

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