Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Check out Our New Blogs!

Hey, readers! Thanks so much for stopping by the New Moon News blog. We're no longer using this blog, but we hope you'll check out our many other blogs, including:

- our blog for and by girls 8-12
- our blog about orb28, the online experience for teen girls
- our blog for girls and adults about New Moon in print and online
- our blog for parents and adults who care about girls

You can also check out our MySpace Page and the New Moon Girl Media page on facebook. Hope to see you again soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I go to the girls blog regularly, and I love it!!!! You can post whatever you want, and the other girls always respect your belifes. Go new moon!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I checked out the FGBG it's great.

Anonymous said...

I just thought this needed a comment