Monday, November 13, 2006

Party Animals

Cats, dogs, snakes, lizards, horses, fish...Lots of people have different types of pets. At New Moon Publishing, we have 10 staff members and most of them have at least one pet. Between all of us we have 6 cats, 2 dogs, a gecko and a guinea pig. Some New Moonies have even brought their pets to work with them!

I have two cats and a leopard gecko and they are more than a handful to take care of. The two cats are very friendly and playful, especially at night. That's Kala in the photo to the right and Moxie down below!

The gecko loves to come out of her aquarium to explore my apartment floor and crawl on the furniture. Some people are scared of her, but she's actually very sweet and tame.

What kinds of pets do you have in your home? Write to us at and let us know!


Catherine said...

Cute kitties!

Little-known fact: I also have 3 koi fish! They lead very peaceful lives, since my cat doesn't seem interested. :)

Sophie said...

I have two kitties - Mocha, a Snowshoe Siamese (the cutest little face EVER) and Pipsqeak, a fat British Shorthair (the softest coat ever.)
They are both girls and are very sweet! I also have a little girl pug puppy named Winnie, who is probably a devil in disguise but no one cares, cuz she's so cute. : )

Devin said...

I have a little (well, not that litle) mutt from a shelter. We have NO idea wha she is, but we thinnk she must be part hunting dog becuase she is always barking and chasing after things. HSe also loves to dig, which isn't very helpful to our garden, which you can't even call a garden anyore. Our dog is evil and way too hyper, but we love her anyway, she's so pretty.

I loooove cats sooo much. they are my favorite animal, but my dad is alergic to them. I wish I could get one! Or two.... or a lot....


Black Rose said...

I have a cutie-pie dog!