Monday, December 18, 2006

7-year-old Jaedyn writes and publishes to save endangered animals

When we surveyed girls about their political concerns, many of you said you were concerned about the environment, including saving endangered animals. I recently got an email from Jaedyn, age 7, who's written a book about this.

"I wanted to share with you how I am making a difference. When I learned that some animals are in danger of becoming extinct, I knew I had to do something about it. I wasn't sure if other kids knew they could help these animals so I wrote a book to let them know. The best part is that I am going to use the proceeds from the book to help protect animals. My goal is to raise enough money so that I can adopt all the endangered animals. My book is called Last One Left: Saving Endangered Animals. It is professionally illustrated, commercially published and is designed to teach other kids about these animals and let them know there are ways we kids can make a difference! The word is spreading; Last One Left is available in animal sanctuaries in Tampa, Florida; Naples, Florida; and Chipley, Florida as well as in a shop called Essence in Tomball, Texas. But I need your help to make sure everyone knows how important it is to protect our animals and our earth. Will you help me to save endangered animals?"

To learn more, check out Jaedyn's website, Books By Jaedyn. She keeps a blog, too!


T. Browning said...

My 7 year old daughter loved Jaedyn's book. She brought a copy to school and her teacher read it to the class. The teacher was quite impressed and said she would continue to read it to her classes each year as an inspiration for them to see that even at the age of seven, they too can write well and influence others.

The Murrays said...

Jaedyn, we are so happy to hear that you have worked so diligently to spread the word on endangered animals. As supporters of the Cleveland Zoo in Cleveland, Ohio as well as the Houston, TX zoo, we are extremely pleased to find children of your age working toward this important goal. Good luck and we hope you sell enough books to reach your goal.

Brandy Graesser said...

I was very excited to receive my copy of Jaedyn's book to use with the children I work with. She has great talent and empathy for someone so young, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Tiffany said...

That is amazing!! A very bright 7 yr old I would say! I would really like to hear more about Jaedyn! Jaedyn I bet your Mom and Dad are very proud of you and Im sure if the all the animals could thank you they would!!! Great JOB Jaedyn!

Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Jaedyn in St. Petersburg, FL. Jaedyn was the youngest participant at the Defenders of Wildlife 2006 Carnivore Conference. I am a volunteer/board member of Seacrest Wolf Preserve in Chipley, FL & we tell all visitors what an inspiration Jaedyn is. I also teach & have shared her book with my students. My daughter who is 11 has a good heart like Jaedyn & loved the book. I hope her & haedyn can meet soon. Keep up the good work Jaedyn!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you do to help keep the wild alive. I hope to meet you soon.
Your friend,
Seacrest Wolf Preserve

Ann-Marie said...

Jaedyn has proven herself to be an admirable champion in word and deed for sick, injured animals. My daughter loves the book!

Anonymous said...

Jaedyn I love your book a lot. I know you really care about the animals just like I do. I hope that one day you and I can work together to save every single animal so that they don't ever have to suffer. I read your book again and I really like it and thinks it is cool to have a friend that has her own book.

Debra Moore said...

I was blessed to have the privilege of illustrating Miss Jaedyn's wonderful book and cannot describe the passion she has for animals.

As a mom and grand-mom to see such strength and goals in a little one is staggering to be sure.

Jaedyn is an inspiration and will do great things. She's already begun and I know she won't stop.

Adults could learn so much from such a lovely and very special little girl.

Robb said...

I have NEVER been more proud to know another individual in my entire life. I was so moved my Jaedyn's passion for her cause! If only adults could learn from her example. If she is capable of this at age 7, we might just be casting a presidential vote for her in a few decades. Boy, what a difference she could make! She's got my vote - Jaedyn for President!

Black Rose said...

How do I get a copy
black rose.