Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Big Things

Our friends at YouthLearn recently put together a neat list of 100 Big Things that have impacted youth in the last 5 years.

Here are just a few of the cool things on YouthLearn's list:

24. PBS Kids website
Leveraging the wide portfolio of characters on its TV shows, PBS offers children free games and activities at its website, as well as resources for educators and parents. This site is hugely popular in youth centers and afterschool programs around the country given the safe, educational nature of the content.
URL: http://pbskids.org/

33. Global Kids Online Game Project
Can young people design a game that's got some real world substance to it? At Global Kids the answer is "yes," and the Cost of Life game tests the boundaries offun and social conscience.
URL: http://thecostoflife.org/

38. UNICEF Voices of Youth
This UNICEF initiative reorganized itself in 2002 as an international forum for youth to "explore, speak out, and take action."
URL: http://www.unicef.org/voy

34. Girls Creating Games
Another program we're fans of--using simple Flash based games to engage young women in technology and personal exploration.
URL: http://programservices.etr.org/gcgweb

52. Radio Diaries/Teen Reporter Handbook
OK, not new within the last five years, but still a great resource for educators and young radio producers.
URL: http://www.radiodiaries.org/makeyourown.html

53. Youth Radio on The Web
Storytelling and investigative journalism by youth air on a growing list of media outlets, including NPR, PRI, WireTap, etc., but are also available for streaming or podcast off the Youth Radio site.
URL: http://www.youthradio.org/

54. Uth TV
Originally launched as a prime-time local Bay area broadcast, Uth TV has moved to the web and is showing how the YouTube model can me both purposeful and hip.
URL: http://uthtv.com/

57. ListenUp!
The premier network for youth media organizations around the U.S. with great resources on production, analysis, and dissemination. Check out their site for a huge archive of youth-produced media that can be viewed right online.
URL: http://www.listenup.org/

To see YouthLearn's entire list of inspiring organizations and cool websites, go to http://www.youthlearn.org/resources/newsletter/issue100.html. Then, get out there and create your own media!

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