Friday, January 05, 2007

10-year-old Eliza writes about World Hunger

We published Geneva's letter about world hunger in our "Letter to Congress" issue. Eliza has this to add:

"My mom and I went to the UN while we were in New York on a family vacation. We saw lots of pictures of hurt and hungry people, and children in particular. There were funky looking weapons that children all over the world had seen and picked up to play with, thinking they had found a free toy where toys were scarce. My mom and I agree that if we abolish world hunger, we're one step closer to abolishing world violence. When people are hungry, they are grumpy, rude, and desperate. They just want food, and they aren't thinking about much else when they are heading for it.

Our soldiers are hungry right now, and so are the Iraqi soldiers. They are fighting right now, and we, well fed and happy, are sitting in front of our computer screens reading, and wanting to stop the war. Those soldiers want to come home, too. Both sides. But they want it in a completely different way. They want war to end because they want to have a real Thanksgiving dinner with their loved ones. They want to go to the grocery store and stock up for life. Most of them have probably stopped caring who wins and who loses. They just want to go HOME. I'm sure I got my point across long ago, but I justwant you to know I care, and that you ought to, too." -- Eliza, 10


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you wrote about World Hunger, Eliza! It's a very important issue and I'm glad that you care so much because I do too! Keep're great!

natalie said...

That is a very powerful, and interesting letter Eliza! I'm glad you care.