Friday, January 12, 2007

Girls Across the Nation Write to Congress

New Moon is receiving the first letters to Congress written by girls! Instead of asking for submissions to the magazine, we are asking girls to send us letters to Congress. The Girls Editorial Board is planning to hand-deliver the letters we collect—along with copies of the magazine—to every member of Congress later this spring!

The Girls Editorial Board hopes their “Letter to Congress” will inspire thousands of girls to write their OWN letters to Congress. Go to to find out who represents you in Congress, get letter-writing tips, and download special postcards. We will collect your letters to Congress through March 1, 2007.

(If you don’t live in the United States, write to YOUR government leaders to tell them about an issue that matters to you! New Moon will deliver international postcards, too!)

So far, we have received letters from Utah, Idaho, Minnesota, California, New York, Wisconsin, and Oregon. Letters range in topics from animal and human rights to global warming.

We’ve also had awesome feedback from girls who have read the “Letter to Congress” issue and took our online survey!

"The interviews with the congresswomen were great. They showed me that the goal of being a politician is totally possible. And I liked the postcard that you attached. It can be daunting to send a letter to the government, but you make it easy!" -a 12-year-old

"I also realized that if ALL girls who read New Moon sent in their post card, that Congress would be bombarded!!!" -a 14 year old

"It [reading this issue] helped me have more courage because I have lots of ideas but was scared to show them to congress. This issue helped." -a 10-year-old

Make sure Congress hears YOUR VOICE! Write your letter to Congress today!

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