Monday, February 26, 2007

Global Warming is Real, says Olivia, age 10

Global warming is real and has an effect on the whole world, and the following information I have learned from the Duluth News Tribune shows that.

In Paris, scientists gathered recently to finalize details of an authoritative report on the climate change that is predicted to project centuries of rising temperatures and sea levels unless there is change. Everyone can help stop global warming by doing little things; that causes a chain reaction. For example, we can replace normal light bulbs with ones that don't consume so much energy. If a lot of people do so, we'll make a dent in the effect of global warming. Scientists who are involved in writing the report say they are nearly certain to come to the conclusion that there is at least a 90 percent chance that emissions, caused by humans, are the main factor in global warming since 1950.

Global warming is changing many things, and its result is a very dangerous one; sea levels come up, and that means that floods could occur. In the report coming out, authors say that it will describe a growing body of evidence that global warming is likely to cause a profound transformation of the planet Earth. They also said that three large sections of the report will be forthcoming during the year, and I will try to gather that information as well.

Among the findings in the recent drafts, this much has been learned:
  • The Arctic Ocean could have a huge loss of sea ice during summer later in the century.
  • Europe's Mediterranean shores could become just barely habitable in summers, while the Alps could go from being snowy winter destinations to becoming summer havens from the heat caused by global warming.
  • Growing seasons in temperate regions will expand and droughts are likely to move further to the semiarid regions of Africa and southern Asia.

Global warming is very dangerous, and if no changes are made, very horrible things could happen. For other information, go to: or And once again, I suggest you watch An Inconvenient Truth narrated by Al Gore regardless of what political beliefs you have. Act out now, because we want to leave behind a good planet for the generations after us. - Olivia


Anonymous said...

omg as if you didn't 'recieve' my comment saying that global warming is going to happen anyways and we should just face it... why cant I HAVE A VOICE?

New Moon said...

Dear "anonymous",

This is a moderated blog, meaning that we screen comments before we post them. We definitely want all people to have a voice and the opportunity to phrase their opinion, but we felt that your earlier comment was disrespectful. We will not publish posts that show disrespect to this blog's readers and/or writers. If you'd like to resubmit your post in a way that is more respectful, I would be happy to post it.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll say it much more respectfully.

I believe that we shouldn't be making such a big fuss about global warming because it's going to happen anyways and we can't really stop it. Maybe we can kind of slow it down, but we cannot stop it no matter how much we try. Why doesn't new moon post strong opinions in it anymore? I've ordered really old issues and I love the strong comments that used to be in it that I never usually see anymore, if you thought that my old comment was disrespectful, then what IS a respectful comment??

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We do still post strong opinions, but there's a different between a strong voice and an opinion that is disrespectful to all girls who disagree. With the formulation of our new hate speech policy, we have been more careful about what we print. However, we still print diverse opinions and many voices. You ask what qualifies as a "respectful" comment. This last comment you posted was very respectful because it stated your opinion without tearing down or attacking the opinions of other people.