Monday, February 12, 2007

Letter to . . . Advertisers?

Hi, girls! As you know, New Moon is still working hard on our Letter to Congress campaign, collecting YOUR letters so we can personally deliver them to Congresspeople at the end of March. If you haven't sent your letter yet, download postcards and find out more here.

We're also beginning to prepare for another Turn Beauty Inside Out Conference in New York City, where we'll once again be tackling the advertising industry. Last Friday, I wrote about the TBIO conference and someone left this great comment:

"Hey, I would love to come, but I live in Canada. I have a very good idea
though, maybe it can be like the Letters to Congress.... but girls can write
letters to the people who work in the advertising industry and you can share
them with them or discuss our feelings. It would be awesome is ALL girls can
have a voice in it. Please consider my idea."

I thought this was a GREAT idea, so I immediately emailed Caroline, the Executive Director of Mind on the Media. She agreed that she'd love to deliver girls' letters to advertisers. So if YOU have something to say to the women and men who work in the advertising industry, send your thoughts to or to

Mind on the Media: Attn: Caroline Ticarro-Parker
710 St. Olaf Avenue Ste. 200
Northfield, MN 55057 USA

So pick up your favorite pen or brush up on your typing skills -- lets make Congress AND advertisers start listening to girls!

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