Friday, February 09, 2007

New York, New York

Hey, girls! Is there something you'd like to say about the way advertisements show girls and women? Then consider attending this year's Turn Beauty Inside Out conference in New York City. As part of the conference, girls will get to speak directly with people who work in the advertising industry!

Last year, we travelled to New York for the Turn Beauty Inside Out conference focusing on music. You can still read the blog about our experiences here.

So, what got me thinking about New York and TBIO? Well, this morning I came across this poem, and it brought me back to my very first time seeing New York.

Bright lights shone at me when I walked off the plane
the plethora of colors reflected on my amazed eyes.
All of the billboards, the skyscrapers,
and the people took me completely by suprise.

Independance swept into my eyes--
I was parentless--no mom or dad.
Just my grandparents by my side
the right of passage from what I am to what I had

Broadway, fashion, Statue of Liberty, Time Square
New York is thought of so glamorized.
We forgot about the people past Brooklyn--
9/11--the deaths that made them so mezmorized

I felt like I flew in a rocket ship--instead of a plane
Colorless Lake Oswego would never be the same.
I rode on a rainbow, in this sleepless city,
where nobody has the same name. - Miranda, 11


Anonymous said...

Hey, I would love to come, but I live in Canada. I have a very good idea though, maybe it can be like the Letters to Congress.... but girls can write letters to the people who work in the advertising industry and you can share them with them or discuss our feelings. It would be awesome is ALL girls can have a voice in it. Please consider my idea.

New Moon said...

What a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing it.