Friday, May 25, 2007

The Skin I'm In by Sharon Flake

This Friday's weekend reading comes from Isabelle in Utah, who's reading The Skin I'm In. New Moon featured Sharon Flake's book as our February 2006 Book Club Selection. You can read a chat our book club members had with the author here.

Now, on to the book review!

"I'm reading a book about a Black girl named Maleeka Madison who has low self-esteem because most kids tease her. Then she gets a new teacher named Miss Saunders whose skin is blotched with a rare condition. Kids tease Miss Saunders, too. Miss Saunders is like a reflectonof Maleeka. I like this book because it proves that just because you look different than other people on the outside, it dosen't matter. What matter is what's on the inside.


Delia said...

I read the Skin I'm In awhile ago, and it's really good! It really reminded me of a book that New Moon readers would like . . . I'm glad that it is being enjoyed by others!

Brya Ellis said...

The book " The Skin I'm In" was very interesting. I liked it alot because i can relate to some of the characters. My favorite character was Sweet. The reason i like Sweet is becasue she is sweet and she's a nice person and also a good friend. I would like to read the book again.

Love and kisses

Anonymous said...

Love this book

Dominique S said...

The skin im in is a very good book that everyone should read because it compares to everyday teen lives. So people in the book related to my friends. The character i liked the most was Miss. Saunders. The reason is because she was very confidence and encouraging and nice to Maleeka. This is my favorite book.