Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Turn Beauty Inside Out Day!

Turn Beauty Inside Out Day (TBIO) is a grassroots celebration of media images that promote healthy behavior for girls and boys. We invite you to celebrate inner beauty--the beauty of conviction, caring and action. We need a definition of beauty that focuses on who we are and what we do, not how we look.

This year TBIO is focusing on the portrayal of women and girls in advertising. The New Moon family will be celebrating TBIO Day by meeting with local advertising executives to discuss the images of women and girls in advertising. So, how will you celebrate TBIO day? Visit the TBIO website for ideas!

Check back tomorrow for pictures from the event being held tonight! And tell us how YOU celebrated TBIO with your friends, family and community.


Anonymous said...

i got home from school to day my mom said i had gotten an e-mail and she had printed it out. I read it and soon realized i was now a member of the clug and i did not realize it was Turn Beaty in Side Out day. But what i have to say that this was a wonderful idea and it should keep hapening. I would be really happy if this would become a national holiday!

Anonymous said...

i just have a question i am new to the club i have writen somthing in for this one post and i want to know when you post knew comments thanks.

New Moon said...

We try to check the comments every day. But sometime we don't get to them right away. But we try to make sure everyone's comments are posted!!

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