Thursday, July 19, 2007

Still Second Class

Have you ever dreamed of being an actress? Ever wish you could see your movie go right to number one? Well you would definitely be changing history if you did. According to Newsweek no movie about a woman has been number one in the box office for 40 years. Okay, what's up with that? The report says it has a lot to do with technology and how 63% of box office revenue now comes from other countries where explosions sell better than talking. "There used to be a variety of roles for women. Not just leading roles but character roles. They're not there anymore because movies aren't dialogue-driven, and that's what female relationships are based on."- Frances McDormand.
Yes, actresses earn big paychecks, but often times it's for a supporting role in a male-driven blockbuster. It seems that Hollywood's solution is to "have female protagonists as male." The accepted genres for women (like romantic comedies) never do well anymore. It's not a surprise; we have seen the same story a hundred times. So why doesn't anyone write new and exciting roles for women? Well, like almost every business, it's job is to make money. And "when Hollywood looks into the eyes of a women, what it sees is a loss leader." Women have achieved so much, but it seems, in Hollywood, we still have a long way to go.
I encourage all of you to read the full article by David Ansen and Sean Smith.
Peace, friends.

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Nobodie said...

That is outrageous, but it is true. Most women are in romantic comedies with men as the leading role. And even if a woman is the lead character in a movie, it is usually about drinking, violence, and having sex. It's time for a woman to actually be the lead character in an inspiring movie. The woman has to be like everyone else: not thin or blonde. That's what I think. Get inspired.