Thursday, July 19, 2007


Hey all you girls who like to make a difference! I found some really great websites that can help you take action and learn about global issues. First, there's a website from the Peace Corps geared towards kids. There are some great features that explain what the Peace Corp is, what making a difference means, food and fun in other countries and stories of kids who took action. I enjoyed clicking on various countries and learning how to greet people in different languages. The site provided a unique insight to how volunteers prepare for their trips and the places they go. The only down side to this site is that there aren't a lot of suggestions on how you can take action. Also, only countries where the Peace Corp is involved are highlighted. For a more in depth look, I suggest going to the regular Peace Corp site.
If your interested in human rights go to the Amnesty International website. This is a great organization that does a lot for people around the world. If you don't already have an Amnesty International program at your school, I highly recommend that you start one. You can find help on the website and find resources already in your community. There is something that everyone can do.
Once you join/start that Amnesty International program *wink, wink* you can partner up with Save Darfur to fundraise for their fall campaign; Dollars for Darfur. (It was started by two high school student who wanted to make a difference; Nick Anderson & Ana Slavin. They've earned over $200,000 dollars for Darfur!) I know a lot of you care deeply about the genocide in Darfur and this is a great way to get your high school or group involved. (Don't be fooled when the website says the contest stopped on April 30th. That was their first fundraiser campaign and, because it went so well, they plan to do another one in the fall. Just sign up and you'll get emails informing you of all the dates.)
Another great site to look at is the United Nations. There isn't a lot of "take action" links, but the website has so much useful information. Like the Amnesty International site, you can look at numerous global issues and topics. This is a site packed with information, but don't get overwhelmed. I suggest following the links at the top of the page in yellow. (Peace and Security, Economic and Social Development, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs, and International Law.)
Lastly, check out Day of Silence's website. This is a one day event that your school can participate in that occurs in early April. There are a lot of ideas on the website that can make the event a great success (like making T-shirts or having a "Breaking the Silence" party afterwards). Talk to your administrators about starting the Day of Silence at your school.

Do you know any websites that help you take positive action? Send them in so other girls can make a difference too!
Peace, friends.

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Ashley said...

As the post says, Save Darfur's Dollars for Darfur campaign has kicked off for the fall! Please join us to raise money and awareness for Darfur and actually make a difference.

Visit for more info.