Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Because It's What Every Girl Needs

Earlier today, Feminsting and Jezebel reported on the newest, the latest, the greatest in high-tech fashion...scented panties. What every girl needs, right?

Why does the fashion industry keep bombarding us with messages that we're just not 'good enough'? Whether they're telling us that we're not thin enough to fit a fashion model's size, or that our normal body parts' normal smells are so gross they need to be smothered by strange chemicals, we get the message: we can't be proud of who we (and our bodies) are.

Apparently, these new panties create their scent by utilizing a technology that weaves what is basically a drier sheet into the underwear's own fabric. Which sounds awfully unhealthy--like wearing a sheet of chemicals next to your skin--if not just plain gross. As Jezebel wrote, "Three little letters come to mind: UTI [Urinary Tract Infection]."

Aren't there better things that the technology world could be doing to further our fashion choices? Perhaps designers could find a way to weave little speakers into our clothing that project little messages to us throughout our day. Like "you're beautiful the way you are."

But given what we know about the fashion industry, that's unlikely. After all, why would these panties sell (and by the way, they're already sold out) if the fashion industry and the rest of society weren't already telling us that there's something wrong with just being...ourselves?

I'll leave you with the comment of one woman, who read Feministing's post: "As society has it, most women are already shy about their vagina as is. Do we really want to go forward with making a vagina into something it's not really supposed to be? Part of consciousness-raising is making women realize that the vagina isn't something to be ashamed of. This product is just doing the exact opposite."

Couldn't have said it better myself.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't wear scented underwear because it seems unhealthy, but I'm not going to hate on people who do. It's not my business what type of underwear they wear! Maybe they just want to smell nice? Women should make their own decisions without being criticized for it.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't wear scented underwear either, but yeah, I think woman should be able to make their own choices. It's theie decision!

Dev said...

Ew. That's kinda yuck. I would never do that. Just wear perfume or deoderant. Hopefully nobody's sniffing your butt (except dogs) so why?

jasmine landry said...

I agree with 'dev', who would be smelling our butts anyway???

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