Saturday, September 15, 2007

Update: Hardees Gets the Message, Loud and Clear

After Lacey's post on Thursday (see below), plenty of New Moon readers chimed in about the offensive ad for patty melt burgers from from Hardees & Carl's Jr.

You weren't alone! Around the world, hundreds (maybe even thousands) of you protested the degrading, misogynistic ad to CKE Restaurants Inc., the chain that owns the restaurants--and they've decided to edit the ad.

It's disgusting that a huge marketing and business firm felt that Americans would actually put up with that kind of advertising in the first place, but I'm happy that they are, at the very least, listening. I know that many consumers decided to boycott the restaurants, and I'm sure financial reasons were part of the decision. But at least we know that when all of us rise up to make our voices heard, we can make a difference.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure that CKE (and many businesses, for that matter) get it: "The ad was intended to be humorous and irreverent," Brad Haley, CKE's executive vice president of marketing, said Wednesday. "Since it seemed to be missing the mark with too many people, it justified making a change."

Ha. "Missing the mark" is a code word for saying that way too many people were repulsed by the ad for it to bring in more profits. And I'm outraged that a marketing VP could find that kind of objectification funny. I have to say that I doubt he would have found the same situation funny, if the gender of all the actors in the ad had been reversed.

Unfortunately, lots of people still don't think that these ads are that degrading (or inappropriate) anyways. When AOL polled over 65,000 people about the ad, a full 44% gave it a thumbs up. Makes me feel nauseous, to say the very least.

Why is it that we still live in a culture where women's bodies, presented not really as human bodies, but as sexual objects, are still seen as the best way to make dough? And why is it that so many consumers think that it's okay?


piglet said...

i don't watch T.V. so i haven't seen this ad. But, it sounds horrible! i am so sad some people think it is okay and i am glad Hardee's changed it! yey!

margaret said...

As disgusting as it is that he still doesn't get the point, at least they've taken the first step. It's nice to know that our opinions don't go wholly unnoticed. Good job, everyone, and here's to taking it to the next level...eradicating such ads altogether, before we have to hit them where it hurts - their wallets.

Anonymous said...

i agree fully and compleatly! they shoud not have hade that commercial in the first place, though. i am SO glad they changed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emma said...

Did they actually change it?! I hope that the government or someone that's in charge vetos Hardee's BUTT!!!!!!!!!

Nobodie said...

I just can't believe that Hardee's would do that in the first place. I hate Hardee's! I haven't seen the commercial, and I definitely don't want to! I hope the government vetos Hardee's BUTT!!!!!