Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Be PROUD of who you are!

I think we would all agree that we all have things about ourselves that we wish we could change…longer legs, slimmer waist, etc. After all, at the end of the day, you are your biggest critic. But, what if we start embracing those little “imperfections” as perfection. These are what make you unique! Why would you ever want to look like everyone else? You would never stand out in the world! This is the focus of the organization Proud Girls, Inc. and The company was started by two women, Carla and Diane, who were fed up with the media’s portrayal of women and the effects it was having on women and girls’ self-esteem. Part of their mission statement reads,

“Imagine not comparing yourself to anyone else, ever again.
Imagine that day when you can be who you are, finally.
Imagine helping to support other PROUDgirls who need your help.
Imagine the power of helping each other to achieve this goal.
It is time we all agree to hangPROUD!”

I don’t think they could have said it any better. Be PROUD in the things you have accomplished and accept compliments from those around you because, in the end, it’s those little compliments that give you the drive to do great things!

There are also opportunities on their website to post your own story on why you are a PROUD girl and what it means to you to be proud of yourself. This can be very inspirational to many young girls because sometimes you may not know exactly what it is that you're proud of…but you’ll figure it out soon enough. As long as you keep your proud head high you will find it!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that this organization has been made! That is such an awesome statement! however, when you said that you may wish that your hair is blond, that made blonds look bad, as though all blonds are super-model looking and better than brunettes, ginger haired, black haired, and everything in between!. I am a blond, and it is not my fault that the media often portrays blonds as thier models! And besides, there are more and more differnt ethnic backrounds of models every day! Please leave blonds alone! We dont' think we're better than you!

Anonymous said...

I really love the idea of this organization. I feel it is ultra cool. I am going to visit that sight soon. I hope more girls will visit that sight, because being proud and confident of yourself is all that matters and makes you who you are.

piglet said...

wow! I never thought of it that way before! i have always wanted to be different things, such as blond. i agree with anonymous, though. it's not the blond's fault! thqnks for yr article!

Anonymous said...

You said we all wish we had blond hair. No that is not true! Maybe YOU wish YOU had blond hair, but I don't. You shouldn't assume everybody wants to be blond. I thought that was the point of New Moon. Personally I'm happy to be a brown girl with my big strong brown afro.