Monday, October 01, 2007

Calling All Girl Writers!!!

Have you ever wanted to be a music critic? Here is your chance!

New Moon is looking for a girl writer to compose a CD review of an album that you think sheds women in a positive light for our March/April music issue, “Listen to This!”

Here are some guidelines and questions to keep in mind when creating your review:

- Choose an album by a female musician that you believe has a strong impact on women and how they are perceived.
- Let us know what you like and don’t like about the CD and why.
- Are there specific songs or lyrics that give you inspiration?
- What kinds of instruments were used? What kinds of dynamics were explored?
- Why is this CD so unique and special in your eyes?
- Where did you hear about this artist/CD?
- Make sure to keep the critique to 600 words.
- The deadline is October 15th, 2007

We hope to hear from you!

Hannah Simpson
Editorial Intern
New Moon Publishing


aneisha said...

i hink dat all gurls don't need 2 look down on there selfs.i think dat u should like the way u r,and i hope dat u can do better at email me at

u need 2 realize u r beautyful just the way u r.

i'll post another speech on how u c your self n life.

how do u c your self n life now?

piglet said...

everyone is beautiful!

Briana Monrose said...

hi! I think that no matter who you are,you are beutiful just the way you are,and no-one can tell you that you`re not!!
I am new at reading new moon,but someone gave me 2 copies of new moon,from 2002!The magazine has changed a lot,but it still tells you that all women should have the same equal rights as men.
THANK-YOU for your help, and guidance.I really appreciate it.

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