Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blogging with WinJournal: A Review by Over the Moon Intern, Katherine King

The software WinJournal is a journaling/diary program that allows users to write their own “journal” entries—complete with pictures, custom styles, password settings, and more. It wasn’t too cluttered either, the options were clear and easy to find and use. It offers just about everything you could think of using for a handwritten journal and then some, like links to music or websites that you enjoy. But it is not a blog.

Debatably, this is a better option than blogging, which is useful and fun for sharing ideas, but is nowhere near as secure or easy as WinJournal. Because of the security settings on WinJournal, you can write about whatever you want, regardless of how personal the topic is. On personal blog sites, the user has to be aware that anyone can access her blog and read personal thoughts that she may not want to share with the public.

Your WinJournal can be simple and professional, or fancy and personal. It allows you to write up as many separate entries per day as you want, and you can title them and search for them later on the mini-calendar provided. You can protect one entry with a password, or the whole journal. I would recommend this software to girls who would like an easy, fun, and secure place to record their thoughts and ideas!


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