Tuesday, August 29, 2006

55802--The Office. Part One

Welcome to New Moon® Publishing, Inc. located in the Duluth's wonderful zip code, 55802. This is where New Moonies make all the magazine magic happen! What is a "New Moonie" exactly? A New Moonie is what New Moon employees like to call themselves and each other.

Let’s get started with the tour!

Your tour guides Jen and Melanie!

When you walk into our office you will be greeted by Jen's friendly face. If she's not here, just ring the bell for service.
A New Moonie will rush from her office to assist you. If you have to wait for a few minutes (because sometimes we don’t hear the bell) you can admire the beautiful millennium quilt hanging on our wall.

In 1999, New Moon sent out a call for girls to send in their home-made quilt squares that portrayed girls and women of the past, present, and future. We received over 3,000 squares! The squares were sewn into 50 different quilts, which toured in various universities, libraries, museums, and community centers throughout the U.S. The tour closed in 2003 and the quilts are on permanant display around the U.S. We are proud to display this one in our office!

The best room in the office is the conference room because we have large windows facing one of the busiest intersections in Duluth: Lake Ave and 1st Street.We have seen many interesting and scary things during lunches and meetings. One of the scariest things happened on a Sunday when no one was here. A car came down Lake Ave and tried to turn on to 1st Street and didn’t make it. The car hit our building and left a mark. This happened last winter and we can still see the evidence of the accident. As far as we know, no one was hurt.

The wall was caving in, so now we have a temporary plywood wall in the conference room.

All of the beautiful tiles on the outside of the building need to be replaced.

All of New Moon Publishing’s awards are displayed on the walls of the conference room. (Except the Golden Lamp award because we just won that) We spent many grueling days hanging our awards. It was worth it, because the conference room looks awesome!

This is only a small sample of our many achievements! To see them all, come visit us!

Next time...55802--The Office. Part Two
We'll explore bathrooms, birthdays and bins!


Anonymous said...

cool tour!!

Karin Riggs said...

hey new moonies! the office looks great! i can't wait for "part II!"

your friend and former moonie,