Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Wonders of the Universe

When I was a little girl, my dad and I would go outside at night and look toward the sky. We were fortunate because we lived in the country so the night was always dark and the stars were bright. He taught me how to look for satellites moving across the sky and to appreciate the beauty and vastness of the universe. As an adult, I enjoy turning my eyes skyward to see what I can discover. I don’t do it as often as I’d like, because I live in the city, but as soon as my feet enter the country setting my eyes go up. It is so relaxing and peaceful.

I’m hoping that some of you out there are already looking toward the sky. If you’re not, you should try it!

Here is a list of August sky highlights from I encourage you to view these events with some friends and family and have a star gazing party!

August 18th, 5:30am looking East
The Moon will be in the center of a group made up of the constellations Orion, Gemini and Taurus this morning.

August 21st, 5:30am looking East
There is a very special show in the sky this morning as you will be able to see Mercury, Venus, Sautrn and the Moon at the same time!

August 30th, 10:00pm looking South
Look for giant Jupiter and the Moon tonight.

There are a lot of sky watching and astronomy websites out there to help people get started with star gazing. These are the two that I thought were the best!

After your party or your first star gazing experience, tell us about it by sending an email to!

Good luck, have fun, and happy star gazing!

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