Thursday, August 24, 2006


The GEB girls (and Catherine) talk about the Sept/October 2006 "Politics and Leaders" issue of New Moon Magazine.

Women and Girl leaders came together to speak out about politics and leadership at a community forum in downtown Duluth on August 22, 2006! Community leaders, including Duluth Mayor Herb Bergson, St. Louis County Commissioner Peg Sweeney, and Duluth City Councilor Laurie Johnson, joined New Moon girl editors, girls from the community, and other women leaders for a night of great discussion!

New Moon and the YWCA collaborated on this event because of the need for girls and women's voices to be heard in the area of politics. We started off the evening with an introduction to the event by the YWCA's executive director Ellen O'Neill, who explained the importance of "Women's Equality Day" on August 26, the anniversary of the passage of the 19th Ammendment, which allowed women the right to vote.

Some girls who attended the event to encourage people to vote for their mom.

Next, we heard from New Moon's girl editors who talked about their new September/October issue "Politics and Leaders". The GEB girls also talked about things you can do in your community before you can vote. Examples were, writing a letter to your representatives, and newspaper editors, starting a petition, or protesting.

After the New Moon girls Q &A, Peg Sweeney, St. Louis County Commissioner, spoke about how she got involved in politics ,and why she feels it's important for more girls and women to get involved.

Then we broke into small groups for more in depth discussion. We came back at the end of the evening to talk as a large group about the next steps we can take to keep our voices out there in the world!

I was in a small group with Duluth's only female city councilor, Laurie Johnson, and we were very interested in learning more about her role on the council. She was very excited to share her thoughts and ideas with us and invited the New Moon girl editors to sit in with her on a city council meeting. She's an inspiration for women in the community who would like to one day run for office and it was so valuable that we got to hear her story.

Here's some reactions from other New Moonies who attended:

"My group talked about the barriers that keep girls from becoming politically-active--the lack of female role models was cited by all, as well as the need for better hands-on, nuts-and-bolts education in schools." -Catherine Conover, Assistant Managing Editor.

"I felt empowered and energized after the event." -Melanie McDowell, Administrative Assistant

Overall, the night was a great success! We had a chance to speak or minds, and we are ready and willing to stay involved and keep our voices heard in the world of politics. Stay tuned for our January/February 2007 issue "Letters to Congress."

What do you want Congress to know? What issues are important to you right now? Post a comment, or write to us!

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