Monday, August 14, 2006

New Moon girls talk politics in the Minnesota Women's Press!

Check out a Q&A on politics with four members of New Moon's Girls Editorial Board in the August 9, 2006 issue of the Minnesota Women's Press!

Then, send us YOUR answers to the interview questions:

Q: What are the most important reasons girls and young women should get involved and interested in politics?

Q: When you and your friends talk about politics, what are the most important things or the biggest "hot button" issues you're talking about?

Q: Among the voting-age population, there's a lot of talk about a red/blue divide in the U.S. Do you see any evidence of a red/blue divide among your friends?

Q: If you could change the political system, what three things do you think would make it better?

For more on politics, stay tuned for New Moon's September/October 2006 issue, "Politics & Leaders"!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My friends and I are very liberal. We think that people should be allowed to have gay or lesbian marriages, abortions, and immigration rights.

Something we do disagree about is school policies (imposed by the government). We discuss stuff that effects us- no child left behind, school lunchs, etc. We have different views on this stuff. We love to talk about it.

We also like to talk about the presidential elections. Who we think are the best president, who is going to win, and why.