Thursday, September 14, 2006

Acadia's Thoughts :-)

Acadia, 14, from Duluth, MN sent us this wonderful poem on her thoughts about fashion. Thanks, Acadia!

Reasons Why Shopping Makes Me Want to Throw a Tantrum

Jeans too tight
Never fit right
Mini-skirts look cold
But that’s not what I’m told
Apparently they’re hot
Especially when bought
At the “right” store
Where you always pay more!

And by the way,
The other day
I learned air costs a lot
Because that’s all that I got
In the jeans all ripped
From Abercrombie and Fitch
So I sold them on eBay
Then fed a small country for three days

Now spaghetti on a plate
Would be nice on a date
But spaghetti strap tops?
Eww…I think not
Reminds me of buying a bikini at the mall
It got lost in the bag, ‘cause it was too small
Teensy tight things I cannot wear
When I can’t breathe, I get quite a scare

Why do boys get all the comfy clothes?
You never see them in heels or pantyhose
I guess girls must have more grace
Even in stilettos they don’t fall on their face
Which is good in those dangerous shoes
Because they could stab, slice, or bruise
Speaking of death, if I see another midriff
I might just jump off a cliff

You can see my frustration
With this fashion nation
Maybe I’m just lacking know-how
To wear all the “in” things now
I guess I just don’t get
Why clothes aren’t supposed to fit
Unless you are stick thin
Like that Lindsey Lohan
It’s a sad, ridiculous mess
When smaller clothes don’t cost less
I’m missing out on the fashion logic

So from now on, I think Ill just dodge it.


peacespark said...

thats an awesome poem and it's so right. it ryhmes really well.
i hope acadia keeps writing poems like this.
me and my mom have a joke that i'm going to have to start wearing boys clothing b/c girl clothing is getting way to tight and immodest. (i mean like belly button showing, shorts that look like underwear and so on).
well, keep writing Acadia!

Anonymous said...

Great job!!this poem is how all of us feel eventually!I've never heard it put like that.your poem made me laugh and think.ihope you keep writeing!!

Anonymous said...

awesome!!! have you ever watched TLC's What Not To Wear? if you do, i'm sure you could fine a way to be fashionable and pretty, without looking like you walked out of playboy!!!