Friday, September 08, 2006

Why are there so many songs about rainbows?

This Luna drawing just came in to New Moon and I wanted to share it with all our blog readers. The artist, 16-year-old Leslie, says, "I think Luna doesn't have a face, but she is made of energy. She is the spirit, sitting on the moon."

What I love about this drawing are the many bright colors, especially the rainbow sleeves. If you'd ever met me in person, you'd know that I LOVE rainbows. I have a Rainbow Brite purse, rainbow bandanas, rainbow barretts, rainbow candles, rainbow nightlights--and sometimes I paint my fingernails rainbow colored. When I was little, I loved the Noah's Ark story because the rainbow is a sign of hope. As I got older, I realized that rainbows were also a symbol of diversity of all kinds and also support for the GLBT community. And I think that hope, diversity, and support make a really nice rainbow of ideas themselves--that diversity gives us hope for the future and that we need to support that diversity so that our world doesn't miss out on what anyone has to offer.

So I wear rainbows proudly and feel happy when I see them in the sky or on bumper stickers. Is there a symbol that's especially important in your life?


Anonymous said...

thats a really cool picture!!

shoregirl said...

thats a really awesome picture!

Leslie said...

i cant believe it~ thats my picture!!! Thanks, and time I'll get it by the dead line. hehe.