Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Heart-warming Charity by Avery

Getting New Moon reader, 14-year-old Avery's, letter this morning made my day. She writes about her devotion to two different charities, both which warm both the heart and the body. I've included her story below. - Lacey, New Moon Editor

"Reading the New Moon News, I found the "Get into Giving" article and enjoyed it. For my writing class in school this year, we are encouraged to support a charity of some kind. I researched up a few very wonderful charities that I am currently working on contributing to.

The first is for a foundation called Warm Up America. WUA collects donated crocheted/knitted afghans and afghan patches that can be sewn together and distributed to places such as homeless shelters, red cross facilities, women's shelters and daycares. They also encourage you to get all your friends involved in making the large afghans and distributing them yourself in your own community. It is such an amazing thing to feel that you are helping to make someone warm!

Along those lines is the other cause I found. A collaboration between WUA and another foundation called Save the Children, this cause is called Caps to the Capital. WUA and Save the Children are joining forces to ask people to knit/crochet baby hats for children in developing countries, millions of whom die each year from lack of hats and blankets. These hats are made according to an easy pattern that can be found at www.warmupamerica.org or www.savethechildren.org. All hats must be sent to an address that can be found on the above sites by January, so it is important that the word gets out!! The hats are rewarding and simple to make and look so adorable when they are finished that you want to make a million more!

Hopefully all the knitters/crocheters at New Moon can help spread the word and support these amazing foundations--the warmth they spread truly makes a difference!"

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