Wednesday, September 06, 2006

55802--The Office. Part Two

Welcome to part two of New Moon Publishing's virtual office tour! If you missed part one, get caught up!

Upon entering our kitchen you will probably see someone standing with the fridge door open wondering what she is going to have for lunch.
Looks like she has a lot of options…

New Moonies like to share. We have a table with a purple tablecloth where FREE items are located. Today, the only things we see are peppers from Ann’s garden.They do look really nice.

HOWEVER, there are four candy dishes located through out the office that New Moonies grab from through out the day.

We love chocolate!!!
Oooo! And we were lucky enough to have a plate of cookies mysteriously appear in the conference room. These are for the taking, too.

Using the facilities (AKA the bathroom) at New Moon Publishing could be quite an adventure if you are not careful. Make sure to get "the code" from a New Moonie to get out. Some New Moonies have gone in, but have never come back...If you see a New Moonie in there that looks lost, tell them we miss them! (And giving them the code would be nice, too.)

New Moonies also like birthdays. We have an office birthday tradition! A birthday loot of a wand, crown and giant NSYNC pencil are passed from person to person. A New Moonie receives the loot on her birthday and gets to keep it until the next birthday. Currently, the birthday loot holder is our very own Melanie. She gets to retain her loot until Crystal’s birthday in September. She has had her loot since the end of July. THAT’S A LONG TIME! With the birthday loot she can ask any New Moonie to do anything she wants as long as no New Moonie will be harmed in any way, physically or otherwise, AND they have to do it. Now, that's birthday power!

Let’s head to the editorial offices. There we will find the Luna bin. All of the letters and artwork that girls send to New Moon go straight to the Luna bin for safe keeping until Luna can read them. The bin is looking a little empty girls! Send those submissions in!

Hidden in the very bottom drawer of a file cabinet is the stash of New Moon covers. If you ever come to visit the office in person, you can take some covers home with you! Covers make great posters!

Over in the Circulation area is the infamous rubber band ball. It was started by former New Moonie Karin between the spring of 2002 and 2003. We were able to catch up with Karin to get the full history of the rubber band ball.

It started because I was sorting the mail and had a desk drawer full of rubberbands from the bound letters. So, one afternoon, when I was cleaning the desk, I started going through the drawer and winding up the rubberbands. I remember that the very center band is red... or maybe blue... but,I think it's red. It took a week or so but, eventually the drawer was cleared out and the ball remained in its place. I'm glad to know it lives on...
Yes, Karin, it still lives on and it's still growing. We add to the ball everyday and it now weighs in at 4.2 pounds. That's right! 4.2 pounds. The rubber band ball is truly the highlight of the New Moon Publishing office.

Next time…55802—The Basement.


Suzanne S said...

Oh cool! I want t o visit new mooon office! I love you guys! your mag. rocks!
Love -Suzanne S.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I had no idea the office was so cool! I want to visit!

Anonymous said...

thats an awesome office!