Friday, October 13, 2006

55802--The Move.

Tuesday, October 3rd New Moon Publishing celebrated our first year in our new office. We had a party. A MOVING party that is…literally we moved. We didn’t switch buildings, like we did last year, but three New Moonies changed offices. We did this in an effort to create more girl-friendly space for the Girls Editorial Board and Girls Advisory Board that hold meetings here.

We thought that you would like to see how hard we worked celebrating our move, with a move. Plus, we wanted you to meet the rest of the staff! (Since you know me and Jen already!)

The first things that had to be moved were several large file cabinets. What better person to do this than Sandy, our Chief Operating Officer. She helped move the office from Nancy and Joe’s house, to our office on Superior Street and from Superior Street to our current location. We consider her an expert in all things moving.

Since Sandy was busy moving file cabinets all day, she didn’t have much time for supervising the rest of us. So she left my dog Flash in charge. The New Moon office is a dog friendly place and I happened to have him with me on move day. He’s a great dog and a great supervisor, too!

Becky, our bookkeeper, is a New Moonie that relocated her office. She is also the newest member of the New Moon staff. We are glad that she joined this happy bunch of women.

Catherine helping Becky move to her new office.

To create a more open space for the girls, we had to move a lot of cubicle walls around. Here’s Kate, Executive Editor, moving one of the walls.

As you might have guessed, we are NOT an all work and no play kind of office! While everyone else was working, I caught Jen and Crystal, our Online Store Manager, playing catch with the rubber band ball. Looks like they had lots of fun!

Kate moved her office, too. She used to have the office with lots of windows, but gave it to Ann, so she could be closer to her fellow editors Lacey and Catherine.



Ann is a little camera shy.

“You have to make a mess to get organized,” I always say…and here’s the proof!

Everything came together and our office is a lot more girl-friendly. We ended our moving celebration with two large pizzas! Yummy!

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Heather said...

Wow, looks like yet another awesomely fun day at the New Moon Office....with great results.

I hope everyone is comfy in their new spots!

Miss you all!