Friday, October 27, 2006

Write all about it!

Have you ever had an experience that you just wanted to hold onto forever? Have you ever been so upset with someone that you couldn't even talk to them about it? You should think about keeping a journal!

The first time I ever wrote in a journal was the first day of 5th grade. My teacher announced that we would be spending the first 20 minutes of every school day writing in our own personal journals. We were each given a small notebook to decorate and personalize as our own. She said that there were many benefits to putting our thoughts into writing. Many of her students, including me, thought that journaling would be boring and a waste of time.

Each morning, I dutifully wrote about things that I had done the day before or what I was going to do that day. By the end of the school year, I realized that I looked forward to writing in my journal every day. Somewhere along the way, I had started writing about my own thoughts, feelings and dreams for life.

After that school year, I began to keep my own journal at home. I would find a spot outside under a tree or curl up next to a window. Finding solutions for my problems was so much easier when I wrote things down. I saved some of the greatest memories from middle school, high school and later on in life. Keeping a journal helped me get through some tough things in school and later in life.

What do you think about journals? Do you keep a journal? How did you start? Click here for tips on starting your own journal. Email to let us know what you think!

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Lacey said...

Yay for journaling! I did a research project on journaling in college that showed people who journaled regularly had healthier immune systems and slept better at night. That's how I justify staying up past my bedtime to write!