Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Underweight Models

Earlier this month organizers of a top annual fashion show banned 5 models from the show because they were underweight. The models were examined by medical doctors and based on the standards of the World Health Organization were not allowed to walk the cat walk. Organizers wanted the show to “project an image of beauty, elegance and health, so we also banned makeup that makes models appear sickly.Clearly we don't want walking skeletons.”

The news of the banning created a lot of buzz.

Our friend Audrey Brashich received an inspirational post on her blog.

Magali Amadei and Claire Mysko shared their opinion about too thin models on the CBS website.

An article in the September 25th edition of USA Today explored the effects underweight models have on girls’ and young women’s body images. According to the studies sited in the article, being surrounded by an image of beauty that most girls and women can’t attain, has negative consequences.

The list of blog posts and articles about this subject goes on and on.

All of the buzz is great! Unfortunately, most of the talk is from adults. We want to know what girls think about this issue! Girls, how do you feel about the ban that was put on the models in Madrid? Do ultra skinny models have a negative effect on your body image? Whose responsibility is it to determine the body type of fashion models? The fashion industry? The consumers? An outside organization? Do you think the ban is discrimination?

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Anonymous said...

I am nine years old and have always been thin because both of my parents were thin as kids. Sometimes people say mean things to me because of my size. My mom and I talk about it and we decided that since we know we are healthy and don't have eating problems that I shouldn't have to worry about it. Whats really important is who you are in the inside and what kind of a person you are. This is true no matter what size you are.

Nobodie said...

Dear New Moon,
I am thin, but not super thin. It's important to keep balance in your weight. If you eat a lot of junk, you get fat. If you don't eat anything, you get skinny. Some models are thinking they are too fat, even when they are not. I mean, most girls look at models as skinny, while the models fret about their own weight while they're perfect! That's when they go overboard. I'm just wondering--who do skinny models look up to as skinny?