Friday, October 06, 2006

School Violence

You may have heard about some of the recent school shootings that have happened across the United States. School shootings are one of the most drastic examples of violence at school, but, unfortunately, almost every person has experienced school violence. It’s called bullying. Just because the national news doesn’t report on bullying, doesn’t mean that it’s not harmful or traumatic for the people involved.

What are some things you can do to help prevent school violence? Here are some helpful tips from

Teachers and parents have a special responsibility for looking after kids – especially helping you if you’re being bullied at school. It’s not so easy to identify a bully. Is the bully really being hostile and aggressive toward you or are they just having what they call ‘fun?’

When someone is bullied at school, your friends and acquaintances usually know what is going on. Even though they’re not involved they know it’s happening. Adults can’t always tell and need your help in order to help you or your friends.

All members of a school community — whether they’re kids or teachers, have a responsibility to help kids who are being bullied. You and your friends must speak out against the bullies.

  • Nobody has the right to hurt anyone else by hitting them, calling then names
    or doing anything which is hurtful.
  • Bullying is wrong – no matter how old you are.
  • If an adult is bullying you or trying to make you do something you think is
    wrong, it is imperative that you tell someone immediately.

New Moon is a place for girls to feel safe and free to talk about what is on their minds. Bullying and school violence are scary, but they become less scary when we talk about them. We invite you to share your thoughts or fears about school violence, whether it is someone bringing a gun to school or someone stealing your lunch money. School should be a safe place for every student, but schools won’t become safer unless we all start talking about it! Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment or emailing


Agrandoldmom said...

The sad thing is the bullier feels the need to bully to make him or her feel better about themselves. What makes it even worse because they tend to zero in on the underdog. I have seen it many times, the victim is told he /she needs to learn to deal with the teasing or do something about it. Suck it up and take the crap. Maybe the bullier needs to be confronted about his/her actions and to be held accountable for their treatment of others. We tend to minimize the bullying with "Its just teasing" or "He is just kidding" “ You are making too big a deal “. Does anyone know how frustrating those words are and to tell you the truth demeaning.
Words hurt and the sting lasts for a long long time.
It is awful to say but being a victim of bullying as a child I understand the feelings of the young people who have gotten desperate in the past years and need lash out at the ones who torment them everyday of their life. I don't condone what they have done, just understand their feelings.

Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.

New Moon said...

I agree that this "blame the victim" mentality, when it comes to bullying or anything else, has got to STOP. People need to realize that being bullied and feeling unsafe can have long-term, devastating effects, and we ALL have a responsibility to make sure others don't suffer. Thanks for your comment.

hurting for my sibs said...

my little sister and little brother (i'm the oldest) went to school last year and they both got bullyed alot.
my little brother has autisum so kids called him dumb and stupid and sometimes hit him. worst thing is the teachers wouldent really do anything. my little sister (his older brother) tryed to stick up for him. once a little girl my sis didint even know walked up to her and told her that her brother was a stupid idiot who didint know anything. my sister burst into tears and said "he's not stupid! he's alot smarter than you'll ever be!". my sister got bullyed to for diffrent reasons.
they dont go to that school anymore and none of my other little sibs ever will.

the teachers never did anything about the bullying. they blamed it all my little brother and said that he provoked them and that it's all his fault.

New Moon said...

I'm so sorry that this happened to your siblings. It's terrible that the teachers didn't do anything to help. I'm glad that you guys stuck up for each other and that none of your other siblings will have to go to that school.

unschoolgirl said...

i really hope that my brother and sister dont suffer any long term damage from the stuff that they went through at school. that is why were all homeschooling this year. there's to much stuff that happens at a public or private school. lockdowns, your friend commiting suicide, mean girls, mean boys. people dont realize that that stuff is starting to happen in Elementry schools and middle schools. i tryed to go to a public school for choir but i'm not going to go again b/c of to much drama and the some of things listed above.
thanks so much for listening New Moon.
-Hurting For My Sibs