Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Are you a Bookworm?

Hey, readers! I want to tell you about Bookworm, a great magazine I recently discovered. I found out about Bookworm through its creator, 13-year-old Sophie, who emailed New Moon about her project. She generously sent me a few copies of the magazine, and it's one of the best magazines produced for kids and by kids that I've ever seen. It's got great poetry, fiction, artwork, book reviews, you name it! Sophie is always looking for submissions, so it's also a great place to try your luck at publishing YOUR writing. To learn more about Bookworm magazine, check out the website at


Lisa said...

This is great!

AnnieBannani said...

This magazine is an incredibly creative way to show children's art and writing to the rest of the world, when before this wonderful magazine was presented to them it would never be seen. It's a beautiful demonstration of what average children can do. Putting this poetry, life experiences, and artistic talent into our distraught world can truly make the everyday adult see what there is to do with their lives. Each work representing a feeling, giving us a magazine of emotion and thought, evolving into children's purity, to spread thoughout our lives. Sophie McKibben has demonstrated what any child can do, and if she can do this, I'm sure any adult could do anything. It's an inspiring work of art, that deserves high honors.
Annie Nicholson, executive editor of The Inside Story, a play written and performed by the students of the North Branch School

Anonymous said...

I love the bookworm magizine. i think it is a genious piece of art, made up of singly beautiful stories and poetry... i can't imagine how hard editor must work to have it be so good. i wish i had the motivation to do something so cool. Sophie Mckibbin should be proud of the progress she has made, from taking anything and everything, to having piles of stuff to go through... its an amazing accomplishment. SHOPHIE WE LOVE YOU

Emily said...

My school gets this magazine- it has some really good writing in it and fun stuff too like crosswords and book reviews. I definitely reccomend getting for yourself or your school, especialy if you like to read or write.

Anonymous said...

I love this magazine and every kid i know looks forward to getting it in the mail. Sophie, the girl who makes the mag. possible, is the greatest! She is creative and fun, there is nobody better for the job! I am proud of her.
Love, V

kels said...

I love Bookworm! Whenever I find the newest Copy i always look through it. This Magazine is a Must-read. You do So well editing it, and and and... I just love it. Its a great addition to American Magazines and more!
-The Vermont Coffee Shop
Knowing how to wriet comments since 2007

Anonymous said...

This magazine is truly spectacular. Even just the idea of a "by kids for kids" magazine is wonderful, but that's nothing compared to the actual thing. Sophie does an excellent job creating it, using every story, poem, and drawing that she can. I feel like this magazine gives children a chance to share their feelings and experiences with a comprehensive audience, and gives them a chance to publish their work! It is a truly inspiring masterpiece, and any kid who is not currently getting it should change their mind! Sophie, I'm proud of you, as we all are.

hapiefrog said...

Looks fun! I'll check it out.