Monday, April 09, 2007

New Moon is looking for writers!

Have you ever wanted to write for New Moon? Right now, New Moon has a couple opportunities for girl writers ages 8 - 14.

1. The Great Debate: The Prison System
For New Moon's September/October 2007 issue, "The Great Debate," we will have two girls debating about the effectiveness of the prison system. We need a girl to argue in favor of the prison system. If you think the prison system is a good way to hold criminals accountable and keep citizens safe, email me ( with your ideas for the article.

2. Global Village
New Moon is looking for Global Village articles! Global village articles must be
a) written by a girl who lives outside North America
b) written by a girl who is NATIVE to the country she's writing about

Since there's so much world out there, New Moon prefers NOT to publish articles about countries we've covered in the past. If you are a girl or know a girl who lives outside North America who you think would be a good writer for Global Village, email for more details about whether your Global Village article idea would be a good fit.

Also, we're always in need of good department submissions, especially for Howling at the Moon, How Aggravating!, and Voice Box.

I can't wait to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

Have you even had a global village in Italy, Spain, or France?

New Moon said...

We're currently working on Global Village articles for Spain and France, but we've never published one on Italy before. If you have a contact for an Italian girl who may like to write for us, email Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Have you had one for Senegal before?

New Moon said...

Yes, we have.