Thursday, April 12, 2007

What would you do?

Hi Girls!
In our September/October issue of the magazine we're featuring a section that debates both sides of an ethical issue. We're looking for responses to this scenario (below) in about 150 words to see what you, the readers would do! We will choose the best responses and publish them in our magazine!

It’s almost time to go to the last class of the day and you’re getting ready to meet your two best friends, Erin and Katie, so you can all go together. When you approach them they are giggling and let you know that they’re going to skip class today and go to the mall instead. You might’ve considered it if the teacher of the next class wasn’t your absolute favorite, so you shrug and head off. When you sit down the teacher begins taking attendance and after neither Katie or Erin respond to roll, she asks you where they are. If you tell her that they skipped class to go shopping you know that they’re going to be in trouble when they return. But you also don’t feel comfortable lying to a teacher who has always gone out of her way to trust her students and treat them as equals. What do you do?

Once you've considerded this situation and brainstormed the best thing you could do, please email your response to Please include your full name, address and age in order to be considered for publishing! I can't wait to hear what you would do!


Anonymous said...

I would probably say I wasn't sure, but then I would feel really bad and give my friends a talk afterward. If it happened again, I would talk to my mom.

Anonymous said...

i would say i didn't know. becuse they are my friends

Anonymous said...

I would say that I had no idea but then talk to my teacher it after class.