Monday, April 30, 2007

13-year-old Helps Her Community

Check out this story about Jamie, a Minnesota girl, who is raising money so that her town can buy a new storm siren, even though some town leaders told her to give up.

Congratulations Jamie for letting your voice be heard and for NOT giving up!

Girls, we want to hear your stories. What sort of things are you doing to help the people in your community? Has an adult ever told you to give up something you wanted to do? Did you listen to them? Send your stories to


Anonymous said...

i think she did a great thing to help her comunity i wish i had done something like that i hope to do that in the futre. i also am wondering if you can coment on old things like i am doing and if you post them?

New Moon said...

Yes, you can comment on any post on the blog and we will post it! But remember, we monitor all posts so it won't show up right away.

Thanks for your comment!