Friday, November 23, 2007

Call for Interview Subjects! (And Happy Thanksgiving!)

*Do you consider yourself a leader? Why?
*What's your definition of leadership? How do you "become" a leader?

*What are important qualities for a leader to have?

*Do you feel pressure to take on leadership roles in your community (especially to 'get into a good college')?

*Do you prefer to learn in single-sex or coed environments? Where do you feel safest? most challenged? most engaged?

*Do you feel like you have a way to make your voice heard in your community and/or school?

Do you feel like you have something to say in response to those questions? The Girl Scout Research Institute recently released the report Exploring Girls' Leadership, which hopes to broaden the available research, through offering literature review and girls' voices, about girls' initiative and to redirect people's notions of what it means to be a girl leader. (Read the report here.) Girls deserve to be better understood and more supported in their leadership roles! (This report was recently featured in the free e-mail newsletter New Moon's Friends News--to subscribe, click here!)

Natalia Thompson, super-cool former blog coordinator, is writing an article on girls' leadership "as a response of sorts" to this report. She's looking for girl (especially teen) interview subjects, and she would love to talk to you soon!
So while your mind is still whirring with all the things you have to say about girl leadership, send her an e-mail at

This Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to ponder your responses! Happy Thanksgiving, by the way! Did you know that turkeys are historically tied with respect for the Earth Mother? There's just always a way to celebrate the female, isn't there?

Hope your weekend is brimming with smiles, Bissy (Elizabeth!)

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