Sunday, November 18, 2007

Girl Entrepreneurs

Do you or someone you know have a girl-started project or business? I love stories about girl entrepreneurs and how they balance it with the rest of their lives!

Back when I was eleven and twelve (I've gotta say, a lot happened those two years!), I had a cool business with my mom making eye pillows for a local massage therapist and yoga teacher. It taught me all about math and business--I learned how to make invoices and keep track of expenses, figure in my hourly work rate, and I learned specific sewing techniques to make them. The great thing about doing it young was that helped me sort out my passions early. I learned that sewing-wise, I loved turning my attention to clothing! Perhaps most of all, I gained a remarkable sense of respect for those who work professionally in sewing, from factory assembly of clothing to alterations in dress shops.

Speaking of girl-begun companies, have you heard of Sticker Sisters? Visiting the Feminist Expo 2000 with New Moon years ago, I ran into their cool offerings and friendly founder Ariel Fox (along with Gloria Steinem and Dolores Huerta!). Begun as her project to help other girls after a frustrating year in middle school, Ariel's offering of stickers with messages like "Girls can do anything" slowly grew to a larger operation, with an increased selection of stickers, shoelaces, and more. Ariel is still running Sticker Sisters, and it's going strong--Ms. Magazine called her a "Woman to Watch" in 1999. What an inspiring story--a girl's project leading her into womanhood!

Stay tuned, because soon we'll be sharing an interview with a woman who started a native plant nursery at 19 that's booming eight years later. She has some special advice for girls who are passionate about starting something young.

Sending you showers of sunshine, Bissy (Elizabeth!)

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