Monday, November 12, 2007

Getting Those Creative Juices A-Flowin'

New Moon usually likes to focus on topics apart from fashion, because everywhere else, girls get so inundated with the stuff. So I want to remind you in this post--we still think it's what's inside every strong girl out there that's most important!

In September, a new magazine debuted called Kiki. Begun by Jamie Bryant, a mother who wanted better quality publications out there for her daughters, the magazine focuses on fashion and design for girls 9-14. Without the usual fluff, though (New Moon readers know what I mean--gossip, boyfriends, etc.). That's what caught my attention.

Instead, according to Bryant, Kiki takes the college fashion curriculum and tailors it to younger readers, using the fashion and design industry to explore a variety of topics, including business, geography, fine art, craft, history, world culture, and even math and science. "Kiki is proof that having fun with style and artistry is completely compatible with intelligence and creativity." Each issue of Kiki combines articles with creative pages for readers' designs and art. It also seeks to help readers gain the confidence that comes from being comfortable in their own skin, whatever their style.

Passionate sewer and designer that I am, I would love to see a copy. When I started making clothing, I actually started caring less about what I was wearing--I got so caught up in the creativity of what I was actually making. It just felt like I was a painter who wouldn't mind wearing paint-covered jeans in pursuit of her art!

Well, readers, what do you think? Have you heard of Kiki or read it? Does it do what it aims? And what do you think about fashion and design? Do you think there are enough clothing designs out there girls would actually want to wear, or do you have a hard time finding clothes that suit your age? Do fashion companies sell clothes that feel too old?

Your trusty guide, Bissy (Elizabeth!)

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piglet said...

Wow! Great article!

I personaly have never heard of Kiki, although it sounds like a very nice magazine! (I like the name too!)

I think there are WAY to many fashion designs out there that have bad signs or messages on them. I especially dislike the litle bunny/rabbit that is pictured on many shirts, and even school supplies! There are always mean comments with him. I mean, who would want to have a school folder with the bunny that says, "I'm perfect! Deal with it"? or "You suck, get over it"? I personly think bunnies are cute, and there is no need to but them with mean comments.

I have trouble finding clothes for preteens like me. Most are for much older teenagers, yet in preteen sizes! The few things I CAN find, don't really appeal to me. Some do, though.

Very good article New Moon! You rock!