Friday, November 30, 2007

What Moves You?

As I was typing earlier today with piano music playing in the background, I found myself looking down at my fingers on the keyboard, feeling like I was playing along with the music. It made me think about how writers are musicians in a way--I guess you could say they play the computer, but that's not exactly what I'm going for. They're musicians in their own right (so to speak). Sometimes when you're in that beautiful place of expressing yourself, you just feel the motivation, the spirit, moving through you, and it does feel just like you could be playing a piece of music.

What moves you? I want to know. I think that all creative pursuits are the same in a surprising way. That was the real realization here. That everyone--whether they express themselves through dancing, or through writing, playing an instrument, or even building a house--is, in a way, playing the same tune.

All hooking onto the same moonbeam shining down that lights something up inside and makes it want to come out and play. So let me know what makes you shine inside, all lit up and ready to pass along to the world that wonderful essence of you.

Wishing you delight in the creative expression of yourself, Elizabeth


Erin said...

Music, good books or movies, a kind act from a friend - these things move me.

piglet said...

Lots of things MOOOOOVVVVEEE me! Music is the most common thing.. that will cheer me up! The thing that I really like that moves me is a special event. If my mom tells me I can go out to ice cream with a friend.. that really helps cheer me up and moves me.

Anonymous said...


- char

music mostly

Nobodie said...

Yeah. Music moves me, especially the live version of U2 playing the song, "Beautiful Day". It was awesome!!!!!!!!