Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Tributed Tributes!

Have you ever noticed how thankfulness isn't just a two-way road, it's an entire highway and road system?! There are so many people to thank! It's the same way with teachers--handed down and around and all over, learning is a special process with many sources and routes. Here's a special message from that writing teacher I wrote about in the post An Inspiring Teacher to explain a little more about what I mean:

I am the writing teacher about whom Bissy wrote. I was flattered and pleased that my message was clear: YOU ARE WONDERFUL AND CAN DO GREAT THINGS.

I want to give a brief tribute to my own favorite English teacher, Geraldine Fehder. She was my junior year honors English teacher. She had a unique way of dressing (very colorful and eclectic) and this was the way of her personality as well. She treated our ideas with enthusiasm and respect. She encouraged us to get to know ourselves. That is a lifelong process, but she was the one who pointed out that it could be done. To be encouraged to be the best ME I could be, and to share it with others, is what she did. Thank you, Ms. Fehder, wherever you are!
Liesl, 37

Here's something to ponder: you could be a teacher, too, and not know it! You don't have to the title or a degree to be one. We're all teachers. And you could be just one of the many that someone would like to shower with gratitude. I think we should all live as though we're the secret teachers we have to thank! Just like Liesl says, "YOU ARE WONDERFUL AND CAN DO GREAT THINGS."

Sending smiles, Bissy (Elizabeth!)


Anonymous said...

And a not so secret teacher: our moms! They are the hardest working teachers of all!

Devin Jane said...

oooh! now the teacher that wrote about their teacher will read it and write about THEIR favorite teacher, and so on!

-Devin Jane

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piglet said...


piglet said...

smart devin jane!