Sunday, December 09, 2007

Casting Call!

Are you a girl inventor or entrepreneur?

By Kids for Kids (BKFK) is looking for kids aged 8-16 with a great idea or business that has already achieved some success to appear in the new television series, THINK BIG!   By Kids for Kids is a company with the mission to inspire, motivate, and stimulate the innovative spirit within all young people.  The television show will provide a platform for kid inventors and entrepreneurs to showcase their products, letting the world know that kids have great ideas too.  Kids can plan, design and manufacture great ideas into products and services everyone can use.  Want to submit your idea? Visit their website at
In fact, you may want to swing by their main website, powered by the new Idea Locker, too.  The company has four other contests running right now, one for designers, one for artists/writers, one for those interested in the environment, and one for sports enthusiasts.

What a fun way to explore your interests and find support for them!

Go, girls!

Sending you creative passion, Elizabeth (Bissy!)


Anonymous said...

y hasn't newmoom posted anything 4 so long?????????

hailey said...

i no! im getting a little concerned! why hasnt there been anything new since dec. 9? WHY?????!!!!!?????!!!!!

Anonymous said...

sounds good