Friday, December 28, 2007

Check it out--We've got a new look!

Hi girls! Thanks for being patient with us--it *has* been a while since we've posted a new blog entry. We've been working hard here at New Moon to get our new websites(!) up and running! That's right--New Moon's got a new look and a few new spots on the web for you to explore.

Check out our company website at From there, you can head over to the magazine website at I encourage you to click on links and poke around! You can take a peek at the LunaVida Club website and also learn more about orb28, our online community for girls ages 13-15+.

Let us know what you think! Soon, we'll be moving the blog to the magazine website where it will be easier for YOU--yes, you!--to post entries and share your thoughts and opinions with the rest of the New Moon community. For now, leave a comment and give us your feedback!

Here's hoping everyone is enjoying the holidays--and see you in 2008!
Signing off,


Coco said...

This sounds AWESOME! Congratulations on your new look!!! I'm so glad we can post entries. But what exactly is the Luna Vida Club?

Margaret said...

why does luna vida and orb28 both have to cost something?

Why can't you just create a safe, healthy website for girls that ALL girls can access?

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I'm not exited about this change. It seems as if good old new moon is turning into a corporation kind of like american girl. I'm really sad to see my lovely little magazine go big scale.

Anonymous said...

What about the New Moon Club?? Is that gone...?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I really like the new look. I can't wait until the blog is moved on the magazine website. The Luna Vida Club and Orb28 cost something?

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY agree with margaret. I've always looked to new moon as a really special magazine with a great website that, as margaret said, everyone can easily access. I still think that new moon is a really special magazine with a great website, but, as anonymous said, it's totally american girl-ish, and it's not as unique. I must say, though, I LOVE the new logo. I'm a sucker for colorful polka dots!!!!!!

By the way, Luna Vida is the same as the new moon club, right?

Jasmine said...

I was part of the new moon club, so what happens to that? Do I have to pay again to become part of Orb28 (I'm 14)?
By the way, people are complaining about the new change and though I miss the old look, I trust you guys and I know this is for the better! :) I love new moon and will be a fan forever.

orb28 said...

I'm glad this post has started such a dialogue. Change is hard, and all of us feel resistance to it from time to time. But at New Moon, what's most important to us is sharing girls' voices with the world. We're taking the company to the next level so we can share even more girls' voices. While the new look may make New Moon seem more mainstream than what you're used to, you'll see that our mission hasn't changed at all. We're still for girls, by girls, and pro-girl all the way.

All of our websites will have areas that girls can access without paying the membership fee. However, we charge the membership fee for a few very important reasons, including safety (it deters people who aren't "real girls" from using our site, as well as gives us a way to track everyone who does use the site) and New Moon's integrity. Almost all websites are supported by advertising; New Moon wanted to keep its web communities ad free just like the magazine, so our communities are also subscriber-supported. That keeps you -- our subscribers -- and not advertisers the people who matter most to us.
- Lacey, Managing Editor, orb28

buddhagirl10 said...

yah- that's all good, but i'd rather have the old new moon- and the old new moon blog!!!!!!! And i would still like to know what the purpose of lunavida and orb28 is- i mean, what do u do?

well, i know i'll be sad if new moon turns main stream, and im afraid it is! plz don't be like all the other magazines, that ISNT what we want!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it should be called
new moon girl media. I don't want new moon like anynonymus said to be like amerrican girl.Even though
amerrican girl claims to be femenist they're not. Every girl or woman you see at american is skinny and pretty. I don't want new moon like that!