Monday, December 03, 2007

Taking in the World

Do you ever receive unexpected guidance from the world around you? Like a stop sign when you're in the middle of worrying about something that you know there's a solution to if you just stop and take a breather? Maybe something even sillier--for me it's the opening line "Take a deep breath" when I open up the communication software Skype. Or perhaps you see a word suddenly shift before your eyes--the word "guidance," for example. One day, I was staring at it, and I suddenly realized that guidance has the word "dance" in it. It really is a dance, receiving guidance from anyone or anything. To take it in, you have to take part, the way dancers interact on the stage for it to be a true performance.

Or maybe it's inspiration that appears when you least expect it. Staring at an acorn, and you suddenly realize it's a great setting for your next adventure story--what would an acorn be like to live in if you were a tiny made-up character? Or the way sunlight falls on the floor of your room. That shape looks just like... And then you go off and have the solution to your geometry problem.

I want to hear your unexpected epiphanies or guidances or leadings or inspirations! Goofy, sure, but we can all use the break to take a look around and realize that there's more to the world than meets the eye. And you never know--sharing your leading may just get someone going on their latest fascination!

Wishing you many words shifting before your eyes, Elizabeth!


piglet said...

I don't know... i'll have to think on this one! hang on..!

themadhatter said...

It took me years to figure out that the fed ex logo had an arrow in it. when i saw the facebook group i cracked up, because i thought i'd just noticed it by mistake, not that it'd been purposely put there.

Anonymous said...

i love that kind of writing and how you wrote it

absolutly awesome

- char

Nobodie said...

That happens to me a lot to. And you know what's even crazier? If you spell every word in a sentence wrong, but still have the first and last letter in the right place, you can still understand it? That's because the human mind doesn't process the letters in between each first and last letter in a word! Cool! It goes like this:

Jcak and Jlil wnet up the hlil to ftech a pial of wtaer. Jcak flel dwon and bkroe his corwn, and Jlil cmae tmubnlig atfer.

Can you read it? I can. It's a famous nursery ryhme.