Monday, December 03, 2007

Review of Lois' album, "Butterfly Kiss"

"Butterfly Kiss"
Album by Lois
Review by Abby Flowers

Butterfly Kiss by Lois is a terrific album. It has powerful songs, such as "Bonds in Seconds". It also has sweet, sad songs, such as "Valentine". The music is unique which makes it better than most music.
The song "Bonds in Seconds" says do not stay in a relationship with someone who treats you badly. This rule counts for friendships, with family, boyfriends or girlfriends. It is a rule a lot of people need to learn since a lot of people can not tell when they are being treated badly. I think this is an important rule because if you are not getting respect than you are not getting what you deserve and should not settle for less.
"Look Who’s Sorry" is about apologizing when you are wrong. It is also about showing remorse when you are sorry. I think this is important because it makes the person understand that you regret being mean and that you care about how they feel.
Lois is different from other types of music. The music is not like most music you hear on the radio. It is simple and relaxing. Her voice matches every song; on sad songs her voice is sad, and on powerful songs her voice is powerful.
One of my favorite lines is, “What do I know and what do I care for you?” from Bond in Seconds. I like this line because it is makes me feel powerful.
Another line I like is, “Like everything else I don’t know,” from "Sorora". This line relates to the confusion I feel sometimes about things I am experiencing.
Lois writes about feelings girls can relate to. She writes about being heart broken. She also writes about being powerful and standing up for yourself.
I heard about this album from my mom. My mom was sick of hearing the same music playing in my room so she called me out into the living room. She thought I should try something new. She gave me the CD. I put it in my boom-box and I loved it.
Lois is a great singer and songwriter. I hope you take my recommendation and listen to "Butterfly Kiss".


piglet said...

wow. it sounds awesome! i wish i could listen to the cd! where can i find it?

Anonymous said...

That sounds fantastic! It reminds me of the Hannah Montana song "Nobody's Perfect." I normally do not listen to her, but I decided to try one of her CD s and this was my favorite.

prguitargirl or Abby said...

Hey I am the author. It is nothing like Hannah Montana. You can find the album on I-tunes, and used CD stores.
Thanks bye

Anonymous said...



Nobodie said...

The lyrics sound a little bit like Michelle Branche's. She sings happy songs and sad songs, and her music is awesome. I cannot believe that she wasn't noticed that much.

It is also like Hannah Montana's. HM's songs are about being true to yourself and everything, but she should dial it down a little. Some girls are getting too obsessed over her. It's not healthy to e obsessed about something.