Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Typing Like They Mean It

I just came across quite a cool network of women online. It's a blog run by Catherine Morgan called The Political Voices of Women: Opinion and Commentary of Over 200 Women Political Bloggers.

The site lists other cool blogs like:

Antigone Magazine: A Blog About Women, Politics, Women in Politics, and the Politics of Being a Woman

Mom’s Speak Up


On the site it shares this from the New York Times article Women, Politics, and the Internet by Katharine Q. Seelye: "We know that women slightly outnumber men online. But at least anecdotally, it seems as if more men are on the political blogs, writing specifically about politics, reading about politics and putting in their two cents in the comments sections."
This quote struck me in particular, because I find it an interesting parallel--or contrast--with the New Moon blog. Recently, many daughters have been chiming in to appreciate their moms, and moms have been adding their two cents, too. That's also why I highlighted the mothers' blogs. It's always wonderful to see the power of women's voices anywhere.

One thing's for certain: girls are growing to be the strong leaders their mothers have led them to be--just look at the recent "Letter to Congress" issue of New Moon!

I hope that the voices of women sharing political passion adds support to your own passion! You're part of quite a community.

Your blogger, Elizabeth!


KrisUnderwood said...

I'm one of the moms blogging at Moms Speak Up.

Glad to see we're being read and taken seriously. Hope you'll stop by soon!

I always thought New Moon was such a great resource for girls.

Anonymous said...


Mommy's Little Angel [a.k.a. Nobodie] said...

My mom likes to comment on blogs. She's a very inspiring democrat, and our relatioship has never failed.

GO MOM!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of women typing... check this out at the Women's Media Center:

Ms. Morgan's totally right: Hillary Clinton is getting abused for being a woman, and no one's standing up about it.