Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Aili reflects on her trip to Washington, D.C.

You've seen the photos and heard about the trip every step of the way! Now that the girls have been home for a while, the impact of what they've done is starting to sink in! Today, Aili (Ashley) emailed us reflecting on her trip.

"I just wanted to briefly say that Washington D.C. was a blast! I miss being there! It gives you a great feeling when you're in the place where everything happens and where such important history took place. I had so much fun meeting so many senators and representatives! Seeing all the monuments was incredible. I want to thank Kate and Catherine for taking us and thank you to all who helped us and provided such a wonderful opportunity!" -Aili

That thank you goes out not just to everyone on staff who worked on the trip, but also to EVERY girl who wrote letters to Congresspeople, every girl who showed up in D.C., every girl who wrote for or followed our progress on the blog, and every girl who read the "Letter to Congress" issue. You ALL made this happen. Thank you for believing in the power of girls' voices.

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