Friday, March 02, 2007

More Recognition of Women . . . and More Days Off School

If you've noticed that the blog has been a little quiet lately, that's because Duluth has been hit with one blizzard after another! It's been fun watching all the snow outside my window, and I don't think I've ever seen the roads this quiet. I'm writing this from home -- even my internet connection was affected by the blizzard! Luckily, it's back up now, because I have something I want to share with you.

New Moon is closed today, and that got me thinking of snow days and other days I used to get off of school, like Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, and President's Day. And THAT got me thinking of the article "Where are the Women?" in the January/February 2007 issue of New Moon, which talks about how there are no nationally recognized holidays to honor women in the U.S.
13-year-old Madeline from Illinois agrees with the need for more women's holidays:

"I agree strongly that women should have more holidays to celebrate. This fact had never even crossed my mind until I read the newsletter sent to me. Why do not women have holidays as men do? I believe that this is a good topic, and one to put some thought into.

I'd like to see Rosa Parks, or Susan B. Anthony earn a holiday. I feel that they are long deserved, and that in this case anything is better late than never. These were both strong women. Just as strong as many of the men who have earned holidays for their accomplishments. Do not they deserve a day of remembrance just as men of our history have?

If Martin Luther King Jr. is important enough to miss school over, (which I do believe he is) then why is not the woman who helped him begin the Civil Rights movement?"

What do you think? Which women would YOU like to see have their own holidays? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment!


Emily said...

I agree! After reading the last issue's Herstory, I think that Alice Paul deserves a holiday. I also think Susan B. Anthony deserves a holiday.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Shouldn't we have a feminist appreciation day?! If it weren't for the feminists back then, we wouldn't be having the equality we have NOW! Also, back then only men could be actors, so it makes me upset when actresses say that they don't follow the feminist movement.

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Laura M. from Oak Park, IL and I would just like to say that this year, 2007, thewre will in fact be a commemorative holiday celebrating a woman. We will not get a day off from school, but it is an official holiday. It is Jane Addams Day. Jane Addams founded Hull House, the first theater program in Chicago, in 1863. Her work inspired many people and because of her, theater became a huge part of the styles of Chicago.

Ask about it...maybe you'll find that she's even cooler than you think!

Anonymous said...

i agree totally. i never really did think about how there is no holidays to recognize the women of our history. i think Harriet Tubman, who helped save many people by using the underground railroad or Rosa Parks deserve a day of recognition. Women are just as important as men!!

Bonnie Watkins said...

Great to see somebody else is working and thinking during the snow days! I'm supposedly an adult (age 56) but if I can vote I'd vote for Susan B. Anthony, because I learned she was scared to death of public speaking when she first started working for the right to vote - but she did it anyway, and kept going for more than 50 years. I'd like to invite everyone to visit the Women's Consortium blog,, and check out the photos from the Girls Rock! the Capitol event on February 28 - just before the big storm hit Mpls-St. Paul area. Keep up all your good work New Moon!

Anonymous said...

We should really have a feminist appreciation day

Anonymous said...

That's so cool that there is a Jane Addams Day! Guess what- I'm from Oak Park too!