Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Girls' Letters to Congress!

In New Moon Magazine's January/February 2007 issue, we asked girls to send us their letters to Congress. Here are just a few that we received:

Dear Congressman Lantos:

I wanted to express my feelings about the Iraq war. I think that there are too many innocent people being killed, both Iraqis and Americans, for no good reason. There must be some other way to end the war besides marching in with guns and killing people.

Thank you for your time,
San Francisco, CA
Dear Senator Salazar:

I am very concerned about our ozone layer. The layer all ready has two holes and if any more holes show up, deadly rays from the sun are going to melt our ice cap faster and ruin all our crops. By destroying our crops it will cause a shortage of food to several countries. So I think something should be done about aerosols and air conditioners that harm this layer. Thanks for listening to my concerns!

Hayden, CO
Dear Congressman Hank Johnson:

I think that you should change the law so that people cannot kill or harm wild horses in any way. They should run free that's my dream.

Decatur, GA
Dear John Yarmuth,

I am very concerned about the environment. I want to be an environmentalist/marine biologist when I grow up. I care about the rainforest, pollution, and especially the ocean! I love sharks very much; however, most scientists estimate that by the year 2040 nearly 147 species of sharks will become extinct. Because of the destruction of the rain forests, many other animal species are being destroyed as well. In a single rainforest alone, there may be 300 different species of trees, but once the forest is destroyed, those 300 unique species are destroyed as well. Adding to the problem is pollution. Not only is pollution affecting every animal species, it may make us extinct one day.

I would really like to hear what you are doing or intend on doing to protect our environment.

Jessi (5th grade)
Louisville, KY
Dear Representative Ellison:

I think the libraries should be open more. Because I go there every weekend, and sometimes I want to go more. I LOVE reading. I love the library.

Minneapolis, MN
Dear Congressman Price:

This morning I was reading an issue of Audubon, and I read about the "Kittlitz's Murrelet," a tiny bird, barely as big as its name, who's a tiny sea-bird found in the glacial regions of Alaska. There are only 15,000 to 30,000 of these birds left, and yet they're not listed on the Endangered Species Act! Please be aware of these little birds. Their population is one of the fastest declining in the country!

The way the Murrelet is going to live is if you stop habitat loss in that area, but oil spills and drilling are also major threats to this littel bird. Please consider doing something about them. Please! From what I can tell, nothing is being done to protect these sea birds, and they are completely innocent and defenseless! This is not fair. The birds can't vote! Please help protect these birds for the good of them and the ones who love them.

Please consider what I've said. I want you to know that we kids really do have opinions that are valuable to everyone.

Thank you,
Hazel, age 9
Chapel Hill, NC

New Moon GEB members Ashley and Saskia will be hand-delivering these letters and many more next week in Washington, D.C.! Stay tuned!

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